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Transfer Bergamo offers transfers from Bergamo to Lake Garda to all tourists who are in Bergamo for a holiday or are simply passing by: do not miss our special offers!

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Very often executives and corporate managers need to make business trips to attend meetings in other Company offices, to go to exhibitions or meet customers.
This involves many standby hours and downtimes, as well as the probability of cumulating delays due to unpunctual flights or having to drive many kilometers along unfamiliar roads. These annoying situations will not happen anymore thanks to our long distance transfer service from Bergamo.

In fact, Transfer Bergamo offers to those who have to move for work a comfortable executive car service from Bergamo: our drivers, all with great experience and professionalism, will accompany corporate managers to the place of their meeting, guaranteeing them a trip in extreme comfort and total safety.
Since he does not have to drive and pay attention to the road, the passenger can enjoy a trip in total tranquility, during which he can work, or just relax in preparation for the meeting.

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  • Fiera Milano City and Milan Rho fairs

    Choose the best for business transfers, choose our private taxi service from Bergamo Airport to Milan Fairs.

    Our Bergamo airport executive transfer service allows our customers to travel to and from the airports in an easy, fast and reliable way.

    You can reserve your car with driver for your transfer to Milano Rho Fiera and Milano Fiera from Bergamo and milano airoports, but also directly from your hotel.

    With our representative cars and our great experienced drivers, we offer a private taxi service from Bergamo Airport to Milan extremely comfortable and punctual, from the airport to the work place, addressed to managers and executives.

    Our Bergamo airport executive transfer service is an ideal solution if you want to receive important clients. Our extremely professional drivers, will wait for them on arrival at the airport and, if desired, will be at our disposal for all their movements: taking them to your Company or their hotel, letting them visit the city or taking them to the restaurant where you will meet them for a working dinner, and taking them back to the airport on departure.
    The use of a private driver allows you to observe all commitments and planned programs, without loss of time due to poor knowledge of the place in which you are.


    For your clients or for your employees, choose our Bergamo Airport executive transfer service

    Our fleet offers a wide range of representative cars, all with air conditioning and subjected to periodic safety checks. Our Bergamo airport executive transfer service also provides transportation of several people, such as groups of employees directed to another Company headquarter for updating lessons, conferences or meetings. Thanks to our spacious executive minibuses, that can comfortably accommodate up to eight passengers, the transfer of groups of people will result extremely comfortable, elegant and safe.

    With our private taxi service from Bergamo Airport to Milan you can save time and worries: Taxi Bergamo will deal with all matters related to transfer and reception of business managers and clients, guaranteeing a service of utmost quality, elegance and reliability.

    For more information about Taxi Bergamo's services and to require a customized quote contact us now!

  • Long distance service

    Extremely qualified drivers and an elegant fleet of vehicles

    Once the destination has been reached, our driver will accompany your customer at the place of the meeting, and, if desired, will wait for him until the end of the meeting and finally take the journey back preventing him of having to drive tired after a long day of work or having to go to the airport and wait very long to catch a flight.

    And if the trip must be undertaken by a group of people, Transfer Bergamo's long distance transfer service from Bergamo boasts within its fleet some executive minibuses, which can accommodate up to eight persons. Elegant, full equipped and safe, they can transport a group of people while providing a travel experience of comfort.

    Forget about long waits at check in, flight delays and tiring road trips with the concern of taking the wrong road and arriving late: for your business trips, take advantage of our executive car service from Bergamo.

    Either you need to travel in Italy or abroad, make a journey in total peace and relaxation without wories and without having to tire: contact us to get a quote for our long distance transfer service from Bergamo!

    And if your clients or your employees need to reach Milan in a fast, confortable and reliable way, our taxi service from Bergamo Airport to Milan is the ideal solution for you!

  • Document delivery service
  • Milan Fairs 2018 calendar

    24 – 26 gennaio 2018: PTE (Promotion Trade Exhibition), Fiera Milano City

    25 – 28 gennaio 2018: HOMI (Salone degli stili di vita), Rho Fiera Milano

    27 gennaio – 4 febbraio 2018: MAM (Mostra a Milano Arte e Antiquariato), Fiera Milano City

    6 – 8 febbraio 2018: Milano Unica (Salone italiano del tessile), Fiera Milano Rho

    11 – 14 febbraio 2018: MIPEL – The Bagshow (pelletteria e accessori moda), Fiera Milano Rho

    11 – 13 febbraio 2018: BIT (Borsa Internazionale Turismo), Fiera Milano City - leggi il nostro speciale

    11 – 14 febbraio 2018: MICAM (Esposizione Internazionale della Calzatura), Polo Fieristico Rho – Pero

    20 – 22 febbraio 2018: SIMAC Tanning – Tech (tecnologia destinata a produzione di pelletteria e calzature), Rho Fiera Milano

    20 – 22 febbraio 2018: Linea Pelle (abbigliamento e arredamento), Fiera Milano

    21 – 23 febbraio 2018: My Plant and Garden (florovivaismo), Rho Fiera Milano

    23 – 26 febbraio 2018: The One Milano – Mifur Mipap (salone internazionale moda prêt à porter in tessuto, pelle, pelliccia e accessori), Fiera Milano City

    24 – 26 febbraio 2018: MIDO (ottica, optometria e oftalmologia), Polo Fiera Rho

    8 – 12 marzo 2018: Tempo di Libri Milano (editoria), Fiera Milano City

    9 – 11 marzo 2018: Cartoomics (fumetti, cosplay, collezionismo, fantasy, cartoons), Fiera Milano Rho

    13 – 16 marzo 2018: Mostra Convegno Expocomfort (riscaldamento, condizionamento, tecnica sanitaria, refrigerazione, arredamento bagno, trattamento acqua, rinnovabili elettriche, home & building automation), Rho Fiera Milano

    13 – 16 marzo 2018: BIE - Biomass Innovation Expo, Polo fieristico Rho Pero

    23 – 25 marzo 2018: Fa’ la cosa giusta (fiera consumo critico e stili di vita sostenibili), Fiera Milano City

    6 – 9 aprile 2018: Sì SposaItalia collezioni (abiti da sposa e da cerimonia), Fiera Milano City

    13 – 15 aprile 2018: Mi Art (arte moderna e contemporanea), Fiera Milano City

    17 – 22 aprile 2018: Salone Internazionale del Mobile, Rho Fiera Milano- leggi il nostro speciale

    17 – 22 aprile 2018: Eurocucina (mobili per cucina), Rho Fiera Milano

    17 – 22 aprile 2018: Salone Internazionale del Bagno, Rho Fiera Milano

    17 – 22 aprile 2018: Salone Internazionale del Complemento d’Arredo, Rho

    7 – 10 maggio 2018: SEEDS&CHIPS – The Global Food Innovation Summit, Fiera Milano City

    8 – 12 maggio 2018: Xylexpo (tecnologie del legno e delle forniture per l’industria del mobile), Rho Fiera

    17 – 19 maggio 2018: Technology Hub (nuove tecnologie a servizio del business), Fiera Milano City

    18 – 21 maggio 2018: Chibimart (bigiotteria, pietre dure, accessori moda, argento, borse, prodotti etnici, bijoux), Fiera Milano City

    29 maggio – 1 giugno 2018: Plast (materie plastiche e gomma), Rho Fiera

    29 maggio – 1 giugno 2018: Print4All (stampa commerciale, editoriale e industriale), Rho Fiera

    29 maggio – 1 giugno 2018: Intralogistica Italia (intralogistica, logistica, movimentazione merci), Rho Fiera

    29 maggio – 1 giugno 2018: Meat Tech (tecnologie per lavorazione, confezionamento e distribuzione carne), Rho Fiera

    29 maggio – 1 giugno 2018: Ipack-Ima (lavorazione e confezionamento cibo e non solo), Rho Fiera

    6 – 9 giugno 2018: Venditalia (distribuzione automatica), Fiera Milano City

    15 – 17 giugno 2018: ENCI Winner (fiera sul mondo dei cani), Fiera Rho Pero
    16 – 19 settembre 2018: MICAM (calzatura), Rho

    16 – 19 settembre 2018: Mipel – The Bagshow (pelletteria, accessori moda), Rho

    21 – 24 settembre 2018: The One Milano – Mifur Mipap (moda prêt à porter in tessuto, pelle, pelliccia e accessori), Rho

    25 – 27 settembre 2018: Linea Pelle (abbigliamento e arredamento),
    5 – 7 ottobre 2018: Milan Games Week (videogiochi), Rho Fiera

    9 – 13 ottobre 2018: BIMU (macchine utensili ad asportazione e a deformazione, automazione, robot, tecnologie ausiliarie e abilitanti, digital manufacturing) Rho Fiera

    9 – 13 ottobre 2018: Sfortec (subfornitura tecnica e servizi per l’industria), Rho Fiera

    11 – 13 ottobre 2018: Salone Franchising Milano, Fiera Milano City

    18 – 20 ottobre 2018: Viscom Italia (comunicazione visiva e servizi per l’evento), Fiera Milano Rho

    19 – 22 ottobre 2018: Expo Detergo International (lavanderia, stireria e pulizia del tessile), Rho Fiera

    23 – 25 ottobre 2018: SMAU (innovazione & digitale), Fiera Milano City Portello

    26 – 28 ottobre 2018: Hobby Show (Salone italiano creatività), Fiera Milano City Portello
    6 – 11 novembre 2018: EICMA (motociclismo, bici elettriche), Rho Fiera

    9 – 12 novembre 2018: Chibimart Inverno (bigiotteria, pietre dure, accessori moda, argento, borse, prodotti etnici, bijoux), Fiera Milano City

    23 – 25 novembre 2018: G! come Giocare (bambini, adolescenti e famiglie), Fiera Milano City

    23 – 25 novembre 2018: Milano Auto Classica, Rho Fiera
    1 – 9 dicembre 2018: L’Artigianato in Fiera, Rho Fiera Milano